The Expensive Starter Kits, Are They Worth It?

The popularity of electronic cigarettes are increasing day by day. This is because the positive aspect of electronic cigarettes are unveiled to the mass people. Those who are going to use electronic cigarette needs a good and smart starter kit. You will find thousands of starter kits all around the world. Some are very expensive and some are convenient. However, if you have a basic knowledge about electronic cigarette and the present market of e-cigs then you will not be cheated anyhow. Volcano e-cig and Mt. Baker Vapor are two of e-cig starter kit. They are well featured and grand look. However, is their price reasonable to their features? Let’s know some details about this.

Volcano e-cig details and its price

Volcano electronic cigarette was founded in 2009 in US. At first it was confined in US market. However, later it spread its business in all the European market. This electronic cigarette is very popular to all classes’ smokers. The customer of Volcano e-cig ranges from the beginner to the highly addicted smokers. However, the starter kit of Volcano electronic cigarette includes a magnetic flip top box. The box is really smart to look at and it is sleek, and cushioned insight. There are four different starter kit of Volcano. Those are Lavatube, Inferno, Magma, and their self-named starter kit. The tremendously powerful battery keeps your vaping during a long time. The starter kits are available with zero nicotine strength. Moreover, the medium and high or full strength of nicotine is also available in Volcano starter kit. The volcano e-liquid is available with different unique flavors. Some of those are Vanilla, Coconut, Cherry, menthol, Tobacco, etc.

Price and Discount is a major fact whenever you are going to use an e-cig. Volcano will be purchase able only with £49.99. However, I will certainly say that the facilities offered by Volcano deserve this price. Moreover, you will get 25% off using Volcano cigs coupons in per packet of volcano starter kit.

Mt Baker Vapor e-cig details and its price

Mt. Baker Vapor is another e-cig starter kit which was also founded in 2009. It ensured a rapid growth with its reputed electronic e-cig starter kits. You will get separate bottle of around 200 flavors produced by Mt. Baker Vapor. Its e-cig starter kit is well designed which will attract the customers. You will get the facility of purchasing the nicotine juice of Mount Baker Vapor in different price and amount. The Tobacco, Sweet, Fruit, Spices, Nut, etc. are favorite to the customers. You can get a 15ml bottle only in $4.99. Moreover, the total price of Mt, Baker Vapor starter kit will vary from $59.99 to$89.99.

Price of Mt. Baker Vapor is in an average range. It will be a little bit higher regarding the starter kit price. As the competitive market is offering starter kits in very convenient price it will be slightly expensive for some customers. However, the Mt Baker Vapor coupons can decrease the price.

In conclusion, if you are going to start with a good and appropriate starter kit, you have to consider the price range. But do not choose starter kits because they are cheap, the best features will cost a little bit higher than the average but they are definitely worth it as they can last for long and do not easily break. Here are some more E-cig coupons for you to get other expensive starter kits that are totally worth it.

Halo Cigs Coupons: 10% off
Apollo Cigs Coupons: 25% off

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 Which Is Better – Halo Triton Tank or Apollo Superior Ego Kit?

To speak realistically, electronic cigarettes are not the greatest way of smoking, but a better way than traditional smoking. When you smoke, there is a particular activity that affects our lungs. It would be unwise for a health practitioner to recommend smoking as a part of our daily activities. Electronic cigarettes are just a better option for many reasons. First, it is a better option for non stop smokers as it is not as harmful like the tobacco or traditional smoking, where you smoke the nicotine directly. Second, you will enjoy the different flavors. Third, it is cheaper in the long run. Today, both Halo and Apollo are the top e-cig manufacturers. The best selling models are Triton Tank and Superior Ego Kit. If you want to know the best between the two, it is best to read the review below.

Halo Triton Tank System Overview

Halo started as a big cigarette (the same size of a regular elec5tronic cigarette). When the industry became saturated, the company innovated or upgraded their product by creating a mouth-watering e-liquid. They also produced hardware game to create a powerful battery. Halo is an unique e-cig company as it has two different models: G6 model and Triton Tank model. This article is going to tackle on Triton Tank model to clearly different its opponent the Apollo superior ego kit. This comes with a single cartomizer and battery setup that puts Halo as one of the best e-cigarette brands available. The battery is very powerful, and produces vapor and generally blows lots of cig-a-like batteries. Every kit costs come at $64.99. To begin with, you can choose the kit you want.

Each kit comes with:
One Wall Adapter
Two Crystal Clear Triton Tanks
One Halo Case
One USB Charger
Two Triton Batteries
One Jet Black Cone

Get The Halo Triton Tank in a more affordable price with this 15% off Halo cigs coupon

Apollo Superior eGo Overview

The Apollo brand is respected and well-known. Its Superior eGo Kit comes with 2 empty CE4 clearomizers used to fill any e-liquid types you like. They create extreme amounts of vapor with a heating coil situated at the top and below the plastic drip tip. There has been a short distance between lips and coil that guarantees a stronger and hotter throat hit, but as mentioned at the review, it offers a wide range of tanks and clearomizers, so if you are looking for cooler, mouthful and smoother vapor, order a bottom-coil clearomizer similar to Kanger EVOD. Let us be thankful to the 510 battery treading, and their mixture possibilities that are almost endless. According to the experts and the users, the Superior eGo Kit is filled with the abundance of accessories that made other consumers see why many vapers love Apollo in high regard. If you are looking for something that is more cigalike, Apollo’s Superior eGo Kit is the perfect choices it has a longer battery life, plus the CE4 clearomizers can produce great vapor.

Buy Apollo Superior eGo Kit in a more affordable price with this 20% off Apollo e cig coupon

The Verdicts

Both the Halo Triton Tank and Apollo Superior Ego Kit have the capacity to satisfy different users. Your choice depends on your personal preferences. If you like more flavours and powerful battery go with Halo. If you like exceptional performance, pick Apollo.

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 How to Make Your Own E-Liquid

E-liquid one of the most attractive parts of an e-cig. Your favorite e-liquid flavors can make you more happy in using e-cigs, as it will provide you with the taste that you are itching for. You will find a lot of e-liquids provided by the companies. However, you have another option to use your own and favorite e-liquid. You have to spend some time to get your suitable e-liquid flavors.

However, it will save you money too.

· Making e-liquid is very simple. First of all you just need an empty bottle. It can be of a capacity of 6 ml. This can contain 3 ml proper and prepared flavors. Then you need unflavored nicotine which can be mixed with your favorite flavors later. You will find different types of nicotine bottles. A 30 ml PG/VG bottle will let you use it several of times.

· In the market there will be available ingredients such as Propylene Glycol. Now just take your favorite flavor. That can be menthol flavor, tobacco flavor, or so one. Sometimes the users hesitate to taste flavors. This may create an e-liquid that you will not prefer later. However, it cant be tasted before use.

· You just need to add few drops to get perfect e-liquid flavors. This is why if you purchase a 3 ml or 4ml bottle of flavor then it will last a long time. Later, a drop will be needed to make the process easier.

· Take the bottle of 6 ml where there will be 3 ml of e-liquid. There will be a dropper in the mouth of the bottle. Open it. Now the nicotine strength will depend on you. You can use as per your level. However, with 3 ml e-liquid, you can use 18 drops (18ml) of nicotine from the bottle.

· Then take Propylene Glycol to mix with. However, the proper amount will be 30 drops. If you want to mix flavors then the amount will be somewhat more than the individual flavor. In case of single flavor you can use 6 to 8 drops of flavors in the mixture. This will provide you a soothe flavor. Excess amount of flavor can spoil the mixture.

If these steps are too tricky for you to follow, then it’s best if you’ll just order E-liquids from reputable and best E-cig brands. Making your own E-liquids is an advanced trick anyway and as a beginner, you’ll best to be handle by the experts. If you are however so bored with the usual E-liquids in the market and want something new, then some brands will let you order your own custom E-liquids – like V2 ecigs. Simply order custom E-liquids in V2 cigs and describe the flavor that you want and they will give you what you want.

You can also get these custom E-liquids at more affordable prices if you use V2 discount coupons. You can get them when the company announces the promotional activities and provides their loyal customers with attractive discounts. Enjoy.

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